Saturday, 9 June 2012

Planning as best you can

Cycles, vitamins, leave, planning - do all or some of these words sound familiar to you? Then I imagine you are in the same stage of your life as I am. I cannot count the amount of times these words have been uttered in our house over the past few months. The combination of these words usually equals one thing, B+A+B+Y = BABY.

So where to begin...

Lately it has come (or rather been brought) to my attention that I might be a little bit of a control freak. When January 2012 rolled around, my husband and I began to actively discuss having a baby.


I then did the maths and realised something. I did not want to come off the pill in January and wait three months for my body to regain its regular cycle. For those who can count, this meant we would be having a Christmas baby. In no way did I want this. (I am very aware some of you will think this is ridiculous so bear with me). I have and have had several friends born around Christmas time and an Aunt born on Christmas Day and every year I feel sorry for them and their "combined present". Not only this, but they do not usually get to have a party and if they do, its usually a small affair as many people go away over the Christmas holidays. How sad would that be for a kid?! I feel that as long as we are planning for this baby, we can decide to have it born away from Christmas time.

Now, my husband thinks I am going slightly overboard on the control level, though others do see my point - I guess the jury is still out on that one.

So here we are in June and yes I have come off the pill, but at the end of March, which takes my three month finish date to the end of this month. Exciting times ahead and updates provided as things progress!!

For those of you who are still in the planning stages like me, I am interested in your thoughts and feedback of planning for a baby. Also, those who have been in the baby planning stages during your life, how did this go for you and what ideas did you have at the time? I'd love to read your comments below.

Until the next...

- Who knows, Baby...?

P.S I found this site as a great means of all things baby: - they even have an iPhone App, so no excuses now :)

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  1. Our first was NOT planned! but our second was. It was exciting times. I brought so many pregnancy test kits it wasn't funny. As soon as I stopped buying them I knew I was pregnant. I had butterflies in my stomach taking the next test. I went out an immediately brought it when I had "that" feeling. she is now 12 months old, boy times fly!!!